Clare Elizabeth Dea is a keynote speaker, performance artist, author and transformational coach connecting you to your authentic voice.

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About Clare

Nominated for Telstra Business Woman Of The Year, Clare is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a performance artist, speaker and creative mentor. Her expertise is connecting you to your authentic voice and giving you the skills to confidently share it with many.

In 2014, Clare published her first book “The One Breast Goddess – Transforming Shame Into Beauty,” sharing her personal journey of having Polands Syndrome and the tools she adopts for more connection, courage and intimacy. This led to various speaking and performing opportunities. In August 2017, she was invited by TedX Melbourne to be an open mic speaker.

Clare is currently in rehearsal for new musical ‘The Girl In The Mirror” and is singing regularly at events in an acoustic duo with Travers Wright.

She is hugely passionate about authentic expression and looks forward to helping you connect confidently to yourself and others.

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Clare speaks regularly on...

  • The 3 Keys to Presence
  • Inspired Leadership
  • Authentic Confidence
  • The Craft Of Public Speaking
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Personal Branding
  • Owning Your Voice
  • Making Your Dreams a Reality
  • The Art Of Intentional Dating
  • Connection, Courage and Intimacy

Clare is also available for one on one mentoring on any of the topics above.


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By connecting to yourself and your audience, you are able to make a larger impact and stand out in your industry.

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The One Breast Goddess

Transforming Shame Into Beauty

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“The breast secrets to loving yourself”

Clare Elizabeth Dea was born with a rare syndrome called ‘Polands.’ Her left hand side of her body deformed, her left breast never developed.

Totally ashamed of her imperfections, she never talked about this with anyone for the first 28 years of her life. Living a lie and hiding her true self with the world.

Through a lot of personal development and studying the Meisner Technique, Clare has transformed her life. Her shame is now a beautiful asset.

In The One Breast Goddess, Clare will share with you valuable resources and easy to use tools to transform your life. To turn your biggest challenges into the keys to unlocking your creative flow.

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